Mint AP Dreaming Macaron JSK - needs to go!

So I'm in a pretty dire financial situation right now, and that means this dress has to get out of my closet, as much as I love looking at it. It has never been worn (the tag is still on it! haha) by me, nor its previous owner. The both of us only tried it on - so it's in perfect condition. I'm going to snap some pictures of it tomorrow when there's better light. Now, my question is should I do one or two auctions, since I have the matching headbow? I really need someone to buy this quickly since I need the money, sadly. ;_; Is anyone interested in bidding on it?

Metrocon lolita panel changes - and could someone co-host with me?

Ok, so there's been some big change of plans. Unfortunately leilani_rei can't do the panel with me anymore so I'm in dire need of someone that could help with this. If you've hosted a panel before that would be preferred, but anyone willing to work with me to make this is success is welcome!

Also, to everyone who has offered to model - could you please comment with your email so I can contact you? Since Leilani isn't hosting anymore, we don't have a classic or shiro model anymore, as well as a sweet lolita model. lotusx, would you like to model sweet instead of kuro?

And one last announcement - the panel will now be on Sunday, since Saturday conflicted with too many things. What's going on on Sunday, event wise, and when would everyone prefer to have the panel be?

Tutorial requests? :3

I've been wanting to make a tutorial for EGL for a while now, so I'm open to ideas. And since I just found my camera charger... :D

First tutorial - cake~! Most of you probably know that I have an on-and-off  side job as a cake decorator, so any cakes you want a tutorial of? Recipes are good, or just pictures or ideas of lolita themed cakes. I was thinking of re-making the Meta cake that everyone knows, but that's kinda boring. Oooor...did you guys have any brand prints that you'd like a cake based off of? I'm trying to fight boredom and use up all these ingredients I have stocked in my kitchen. XD
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A great seller indeed!

I'm talking about JStuffSale on ebay. ^^ She's great! Her name is Yumi and she lives in Tokyo and speaks completely fluent English (unlike some sellers! You all know who I'm talking about...). Another perk is that she ships to France and Italy, along with the rest of the world.

But I say this because she kind of does a shopping service, but won't charge you for it. She heads out a few times a week and shops - if you would like anything from those shops she will get them for you. She specializes in cute things (along with bento, office supplies, and room accessories). She sells Swimmer headphones for a great price (26.99 USD), along with other Swimmer, Cram Cream, and Decole products. She will be looking for brand lolita items (maybe some decora and punk too). :D I've advised her to head to Laforet in Harajuku to check out some loli brands.

So, she has asked me what everyone needs and wants because she wants to supply things for the lolita community. :D I had her read the handbook so she knows exactly what is and is not lolita, so no "surprise" cheap lace or shocking colors. So what does everyone want and need? No JSKs, OPS, clothing, pretty much. But pettis and things like that should be fine. :) Just tell me (please don't message her directly - I want to gather up all the votes and send it to her so she isn't spammed) and I'll relay the message.

Posted to EGL.

Her store link!
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Bento Love <3

Well, I figured my first entry should be about something a lot of people forget about: bento! If you're parading around in your awesome outfit, but are carrying some nasty old lunch box from third grade with a PB&J randomly shoved inside, then that's just...not cool. D: So here are some great ebay sellers and sites with info and tutorials on bento!

Ebay Sellers   - Ok, first seller! Haven't used her yet, but she's reputable! - Same with Hana-chan. ^^ She's been recommended by others, but I haven't tried her out yet.  - I just ordered from her, and she's got some great stuff! I'll see how it arrives!  - Another reputable seller with an abundance of squeal-worthy items!  - By FAR the sweetest girl EVER. I just bought about 7 things from her, and she's been so helpful!

Sites That Sell Bento - Who doesn't know about JBox? Seriously? This place is wonderful, I've heard! I'm looking forward to placing an order with them!

Sites About Bento  - Amazing site with the best looking bentos ever, and she has tutorials!  - Her livejournal account - a bento blog!  - Totally cute site about bento, of course. ;D - Bento recipes and photos!

I hope you guys enjoy these links. ^^ Oh, and sorry about the lack of an LJ cut - I need to learn how to do it. D: